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We are a UK based team of professional combination of individuals experienced in travel and tourism who have understanding in dealing with different nationals in different languages.  Most of us having the Sri Lanka tourist board license to engage in the travel and tourism industry and also we have experienced chauffeurs to serve our guests. Our objective is to develop our company further   in tourism trade in Sri Lanka, as the most sought after travel agent in Sri Lanka providing quality services to travellers.

About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island, most beautiful country in the world which has been surrounded with scenic   beaches. Though Sri Lanka is small a tiny Island in the world   it is rich with fauna and flora. Sri Lanka has a great culture and civilization and there is 2500 years history. It is reputed all over the world that   Sri Lankan smiling people are friendly.   Sri Lanka has an astonishing variety of locations to visit within its land, a natural environment with such scenic beauty and diversity.  The remarkable achievements of the early Sri Lanka civilization can still be seen in the ruined cities and great religious monuments. The glory of this early Buddhist civilization continue to provide a benchmark for national identity. Marco Polo described Sri Lanka as the finest island in the world.   Indian, Arab and European traders and adventurers came to Sri Lanka in search of   rare spices and precious gem stones in Sri Lankan earlier known as Ceylon. Sri Lanka is located in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal.  Around the Island over a thousand miles of beautiful golden beaches.

Lovers    of nature match up to Sri Lanka to a teardrop falling from the tip of the India. It is in the shape of a pearl   as a result the island was given the name Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Arab traders identified Sri Lanka as Serendib   and identified by the British  as “Serendipity”. Nuwara- Eliya which is identified as “The Little England”    is located in the backdrop of mountains, valleys and waterfalls.   Sri Lanka has a reputation all over the world for its Gem industry.   Sri Lanka is now experiencing peace   after three decades of Civil war. Tourism industry in Sri Lanka is progressing rapidly more and more tourists are attracted to Sri Lanka.
Ceylon WonderLust offer all the specialized services required to run a world class operation, providing customers with adventurous, educational and fun trips that make them yearn to come back again and again. We can proudly say that creativity and thoroughness are the most important part much more than a tour operator, We gives the opportunity to feel warmth and friendliness of Sri Lankan people together with the professionalism.


Welcome to Ceylon Wander lust official website with the most astute information on travel and tourism in Sri Lanka! You have visited the supreme and prominence website which will be of assistance in order to plan your business trip or dream vacation come true!

Uniqueness of this website is, it has been created by specialized partners got together as a team who love travel and tourism. This website is a most up-to-date and innovative design and you will in no way find a comparable website in the net. Ceylon Wander lust is intended for travelers who love to travel and discover exciting destinations in Sri Lanka. We invite you to refer your friends and relatives whatsoever in your mind whether to find an exhilarating travel destination, planning perfect family vacation, attractions, budget vacation in Sri Lanka to suit your necessity, a honeymoon destination, vacation ideas, shopping, places of interests, locations of historical and cultural value and travel guides all are under one portal.

Ceylon Wanderlust is also serving for Business traveler facilitating to find airlines preferences, ideal destinations for business purposes, hotels and accommodation, perfect restaurants to satisfy taste buds, and significant places to visit during free times. You may have experience that during the past traveling around Sri Lanka was an exhausting, strenuous and time wasting phenomenon. With the Ceylon Wanderlust all you require to do is to browse, relax on your computer chair and read the numerous information in order to discover and plan your journey and speak to our courteous staff. It is as simple as that!…

The technology, style and professionalism   we have adopted enabled us to gather many information   across Sri Lanka in order to bring information to   you which will help you to make right   decision on your next tour. We are in touch with official tourist boards or bureaus, prestigious airlines and star class hotels all over Sri Lanka in order to assist you with relevant and pertinent information and we are in the process of constantly uploading our website.
Ceylon Wanderlust is a novel and unique way to plan your tour well in advance. We assure that website as travel guide provide you relevant and appropriate up to date information and it is a well-structured database of information on travel destinations in Sri Lanka which are constantly updating the relevancy. Plenty of new information on Sri Lankan Travel and Tours are on the way for your convenience and pleasure!


It is the time to feel and enjoy the scenic beauty of nature, cultural history and engage in water sports, adventure and to familiarize with country life style. We can assist you in visiting and exploring unspoiled tourist locations which have been founded us to suite your specific requirements.


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There are plenty of alternatives and choices to make your journey easy, relaxing and more enjoyable. A/C minivan, car, bus, train options galore and it is these options that make your trip an unforgettable experience when you are in Sri Lanka. Our tour packages have every option that will make smooth and pleasant. The guides and drivers are trained people. The guides are well versed in culture and heritage of this beautiful Island. We assure that there is no space for misguidance or treachery.